Hooray! Watercolor is paintop now! But…

From the very beginning, watercolor was conceived as brush engine. I think it is the best place for it. But it brings some troubles. The most important problem is how to make undo engine.

During a new stroke, the system can have previous strokes that continue to change. And it’s not clear how watercolor should behave with the rest of the engines. And I would like to ask your help. If you have any idea about it, please leave it in comments =)

Another problem is a speed. Now watercolor works very slowly (and only during a stroke).

Nevertheless, watercolor is paintop now. And I’d like to introduce you what it can do. I implemented all 5 strategies:



Wet on dry:


Wet on wet:







P. S.: Here you can look at funny color bug

когда что-то пошло не так.gif


3 thoughts on “Hooray! Watercolor is paintop now! But…

  1. Hi tantsevov,

    the water color brush can have tool options like the multibrush engine. In the tool option there can be a button to trigger applying strokes or you can say dry the stroke. the user can wait for the stroke to finish spreading or he can click the button to dry the color at the stage it is now. Or there can be a setting to stop the spreading or working after some seconds. so user knows when to undo the last stroke.

    hope it makes sense

    And yes thank you very much for working on this. 😀


    1. That’s good idea.
      I discussed this in IRC and chose “checkpoints” system. You can see this in Rebelle. It will undo to previous state and then, if there are active stroke, system will continue spreading.
      Thanks for your feedback!)


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